An abandon row of shophouses in Balingian town.

Balingian is a town and province in Sarawak located about 60km north-east of Mukah town.

Dayak Iban who live in the 33-longhouses scattered all over the province make more than half the population its population of approximately 8000 people, follow by the Melanau (in 6 villages) and Chinese – who are mostly traders at the town.

The Ibans are still largely farming communities, the Melanau fishing and Chinese trader / shopkeeprs.

Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) projects, oil and palm plantation industry had transformed much of Balingian landscape from that of a sleepy – into a vibrant fast developing center of industrialisaton.

Balingian is linked to major town such as Mukah and Bintulu by road – but public transport is still lacking.

Administratively, as a sub-district it is headed by an SAO (Sarawak Administrative Officer). The province has a police station, six primary schools, and several government agencies offices.