Sabah Tourism website which had been taken down after being hacked by Anonymous hackers group.

Initial reports indicated no Sarawak-based websites have been disrupted by the recent wave of cyber-attacks targeted at Malaysian websites.

State government portal and highly traffic Sarawak Tourism site were accessible as usually throughout the day and on the eve of the massive attacks on Wednesday that crippled at least 51 Malaysian websites.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) confirmed Thursday that there were attempts to hack several Malaysian government websites, including its website,

“Regarding the threat by unknown hackers to attack websites with the domain, there were indeed attempts to hack several Malaysian government websites.

“These attacks started at approximately 11.30pm, on Wednesday, June 15. We are able to confirm that 51 websites were attacked and there has been disruption at various levels to at least 41 of those websites.

The hackers group succeeded in intruding Sabah Tourism website and had listed 392 accounts taken from website – which they later posted on, together with 3,456 more accounts.

The group said no harm had been done to the database and posted warning to Sabah Tourism Board that read:

“PEACE NO HARM WAS DONE. To Please fix the exploit.”
“We are anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us. WE LOVE MALAYSIA”.

MCMC said attempt to hack MCMC’s website was not successful.