South Korean military deployed tactical surface-to-surface missiles capable of hitting targets as far as Pyongyang to its borders with the North, media reports said on Friday.

The deployment was triggered by Yeonpyeong Island shelling late last year, South Korean’s Dong-A Ilbo report.

“The move is to show the North, that South Korea is ready to response to any sudden attacks on Seoul by Pyongyang ,” Dong-A said, citing sources from the South Korean military.

The tactical surface-to-surface missiles was deployed near the Demilitarized Zone and capable of hitting target 165 kilometers away.

North Korean is believed to have stockpile of at least 300 missiles near the heavily guarded demilitarized zone.

Tensions on the peninsula remain high with the Seoul continues maintaining a tough stance against its northern neighbor, in the wake of two deadly attacks recently, report Korean Herald.

In April, the North warned of retaliatory strikes against the South, berating civic groups for sending anti-North leaflets.

Earlier this month, the North renewed its threat of military reprisal following the news reports of its leader Kim Jong-il and heir apparent Jong-un used as targets practice during military drills.