Baru Bian, Ba Kelalan state asseblyman and also PKR Sarawak liaison chief speaking at PKR Bintulu Ngiling Bidai dinner.

Sarawak PKR liaison chief Baru Bian admitted the party poor performance in recent state poll was partly blamed on the party leadership.

“We realise there are a lot of factors contributed to the party poor performance – intimidation, threats, gangsterism, money politics and others,” he said to more than 500 party supporters at a ‘ngiling bidai’ dinner in Bintulu on Saturday.

However, according to Bian, bulk of the blame for the lacklustre poll results must be shouldered by the party leadership.

“We have always look outside that we forgot about our own weaknesses,” he said and told party leaders to beef up their machinery in anticipation of the looming parliamentary election.

Baru who is also Ba Kelalan state assemblyman, reminded PKR leadership to no longer take PACA (polling agent counting agent) training lightly – which they identified as one of the factors that lead to the party poor performance in the just concluded state poll.

“Now we realized PACA training is so important. In fact this evening di Kuching we have an on-going PACA training because we realize it of utmost important.”

“Why? Because we learnt that some of our PACA can be easily bought for RM1000, RM2000 and even up to RM5000.

Once they surrender that form 14 to the other camp,” Bian said that would be the end of it for them, as irrespective of how many votes they may have in the ballot boxes – there will be no another recount of the ballot papers at the counting station.

“What they do is just tallied up the total number of votes each candidates get from the form 14,” he said.

The party he added, had failed to be vigilant until the last moment.