Sarawak Chief Minister made personal explanation in the state assembly over allegations made by Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) of Swiss government is investigating his assests in the country.

However the Opposition were not convinced with the explanation and were disappointed as no debate was allowed on the issue.

“The chief minister made a personal explanation in the state legislative council under standing order where no debate is allowed,” said Chiew Chin Sing, Bintulu Assemblyman posted on his Facebook.

Maradong’s assemblywoman Ting said his “personal explanation in DUN is just a mean to shut us up on his alleged corruption!”

Taib told the August house sitting he wrote to Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Ray last month asking her to confirm if she had ordered an investigation by the Swiss Financial Marketing Supervisory Authority as alleged by BMF and to furnish him with a copy of the allegation so that he can seek appropriate legal redress.

“I also pledged to render my fullest cooperation to the Swiss federation to swiftly bring the truth to light so as to nail all malicious reports,” the Star quoted him as saying.

The BMF had alleged on its website that the Swiss Financial Marketing Supervisory Authority agreed to investigate Taib’s alleged assets in Swiss banks.

Taib added that the allegations by BMF were “utterly false and evidently politically motivated”.

He said BMF had a track record of making “scurrilous and scandalous” allegations against the state government.

“Therefore BMF’s false allegations about assets held in Switzerland by me are a continuation of their malicious efforts to smear the state, the Government and the leaders,” Taib said.