For so many years, the election process in Malaysia never escaped tampering by the ‘powers that be’, until the year 2008 which gave the ruling government of Barisan Nasional a rude jolt.

Now, three years later and still reeling from the fear of losing a bigger share of the nation to the opposition come the next general election, the BN government has decided to muzzle even the slightest of murmur calling for a just electoral system.

What about the damage BN has done, by abusing the tax payers money, by awarding contracts to its cronies and by distributing Public Services Department scholarships to the selected group, just to name a few?

Is the rakyat supposed to remain silent while BN engages in filthy and corrupt practices, all for the sake of filling its pockets?

There is no better time than now for the rally to happen. So much damage has been done by BN and all at the expense of the rakyat.

For so long a time, the people have been bullied into bowing down to the ‘powers that be’, that the July 9 rally is the much needed awakening the rakyat needs to fuel it with the zest needed to take on the fight against corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

The truth which BN refuses to face is that the problem does not lie with Bersih or Ambiga or the July 9 walk for democracy. The problem lies with BN and has been so for the many years in its been reigning power.

So, BN, Umno Youth, Perkasa and the rest of the self-appointed concerned citizens, stop squabbling over the rally.

If you respect democracy or need a lesson on it, turn up on July 9 and ‘walk for democracy’.

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