A weekend family picnic to Tanjung was ruined, as family involved in a road accident with an MPV in front of Taman Tumbina on Sunday.

According Robert Sekudan – the driver of the compact Kancil, upon upon approaching a u-turn in front of Taman Tumbina,  a white MPV car in front of him suddenly swerve to the right – about to make a u-turn.

“It was unavoidable,” said Robert because he was not expecting the MPV to make an abrupt U-turn.

Robert’s compact car bonnet was crushed like a cola tin can, while it windshield was totally shattered from the impact.

His wife Analia, their 2-year son Harry were reportedly injured in the collision.

They were rush to Bintulu hospital by a passer-by.

Robert suffered a cut on his thigh, while his son Patrick,9 who were seated at the back with his grandfather Sekudan suffered a swollen forehead.

Sekudan however escape unhurt.

Bintulu Traffic police, Sargeant Ghazali confirmed receiving report of the accident around 3pm on Sunday.

Ghazali also confirmed there was another road accident along Bakun road.