A lady wishes to be known as 'Belina' looking flabbergasted after this ATM machine failed to dispense cash.

UPDATED: A lady who was trying to withdraw some cash from an ATM machine located at the ground floor of ParkCity Mall today were left flabbergasted when the machine failed to dispense the cash.

The incident occurred around 6.40pm on Thursday to a middle-age lady. She only wishes to be known as Belina.

Belina waited for more than 10 minutes for her cash to be dispensed – but to no avail.

As the line behind her grew longer, people begin to fume as she kept them waiting, Belina then decided to make another withdrawal attempted.

But a good Samaritan behind her – advised she should call the bank instead.

Noticing that she didn’t have a mobile phone – the man then made the call himself.

She then explained the situation to the bank. According to Belina, the bank told her to go to any of their branches Bintulu.

Belina case apparently was not the first faulty case involving the same ATM machine ever reported.

Asri Kipli – said he encountered similar problem before – at the same ATM machine, in a post responded to our post highlighting the problem on Facebook page.

According to Asri ┬áhe was refunded by Maybank – although it took them two weeks to do so.

There was already report of similar problem encountered by people trying to withdraw cash from an ATM at Farley supermarket.