They must live off another living animal or host during at least part of their life cycle

A parasitic tapeworm about 23-centimeter-long was found living in the brain of a woman for six month before it finally was removed by doctors from Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital in Nanjing.

According to her husband, Li Fang, 24 was frequently attacked by seizure over the last few months.

Her first seizure was last December – when she suddenly fell on the floor leaving her body paralyzed.

Yang sent his wife to a local hospital which detected something in her brain but could not determine what it was.

So the doctors prescribed some medicine to ease her convulsion and asked her to go home for observation.

The second seizure attacked in June.

This time electroencephalogram scanning showed the strange object in her brain still existed. Yang and the hospital decided to operate on her brain.

After opening her skull, doctors found a granuloma in her brain which pressed against her brain nerves, thus triggering the seizures.

As they were removing the granuloma, doctors suddenly found a long worm attached to it. It turned out to be a tapeworm, still alive and wriggling.

Chen Haifeng, deputy director of the hospital’s neurosurgery department, suspected Li might have ate under-cooked meat or drink contaminated water with tapeworm eggs or larvae.

Li Fan who was still recovering from the surgery told Yangtze Evening News she was still “horrified and disgusted” at the thought of that tapeworm which lived in her brain.