SESCO Bintulu branch office had to be evacuated earlier today after staffs complained of unbearable odour, engulf the entire three-story building.

They said, they begin noticing the foul smell – described as similar to that of a leak gas – as immediately after office hour started around 8 a.m Wednesday.

As a precautionary, safety measure the company then made an emergency call to Bintulu Fire and Rescue Department, while instructing staffs to quickly evacuated their workstations to an open space outside the building.

Around 9:am a fire engine arrived at the scene and several personnels wearing mask, oxygen tanks and other saftey gear quickly entered the building.

Fire and Rescue Department when contacted confirmed the incident said they couldn’t identify the source of the odor.

But as precautionary, they turn off the building centralised air-conditioned switchboard, it conveying pipe and opening all the windows to release trapped gas from inside the building.

Fire and Rescue Department said they told SESCO to contact their building maintenance contractor to make further investigation and to identify the source of the leak gas.

No untoward incident was reported and the company normal operation particularly it payment services were disrupted the entire day.