Who is the Malaysian businessman splashing RM14.5 billion half the cost of building Putraya and more than Bakun hydroelectric dam for a luxury yacht in UK?

According to Stuart Hughes – he was commissioned by an anonymous Malaysian businessman to build the world’s most unique yacht “ HISTORY SUPREME “ probably the most expensive.

“At 100ft the yacht took 3 years to complete , a circa of 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum were added to make this an exciting project.

All features inc deck , dinning area , rails , anchor , made from precious metals.

The base of the vessel was wrapped in gold , a thin layer was formed to embrace this huge section.

The main sleeping quarter was adorned with platinum accents of which included , wall feature , made from meteoric stone , with genuine Dinosaur bone shaved in from the raptor T – REX.

A cost of £3 billion (RM14.5 billion) – more than half the price tag for Bakun hydroelectric dam and could have built another Putrajaya (RM20 billion).

Update: We’re spoof. This story was not true although it got featured in numerous UK dailies – see here by The Sun: http://goo.gl/o9IeR, and here by the Daily Mail: http://goo.gl/ezZDi for examples.