The 10th Sarawak state elections were held on 16 April 2011. It was one of these elections that rocked the state as well as the nation because it produced results that differed from the norm.

All but two Chinese majority seats held by the Chinese component of the state ruling coalitition, the SUPP, was lots. In addition to that, two native majority seats were also won by opposition (PKR) and an independent.

This pattern may not be exactly new to Sarawak politics. The ruling state coalition has done far worst before in comparison to losing 16 seats (22%) in 2011 where, urban, Chinese majority seats.

In 1974, the ruling coalition fared worst when it lost 18 seats (38%), the majority from Dayak areas. Again in 1987, at the height of Dayakism, the coalition lost about 20 seats (42%), 15 won by PBDS and another 5 won by Malay-Melanau PERMAS.

Again in the majority of the seats won by oppostion were from the Dayak areas. In 1991, opposition strength had dwindled to about 7 Dayak seats won by PBDS.

In 2011, there was a surge of support came overwhelmingly from the Chinese community.

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Why the sudden surge of support for the opposition in Sarawak? What were the causes? How does this reflect on the forthcoming parliamentary elections that are expected sooner than later? Is that the barometer? Can it be seen as how electors will vote come the parliamentary elections?

The purpose of this seminar is to bring together analysts to reflect upon and share their views on elections and its potential implications on a number of dimensions and issues that form themes of this seminar.

Papers should address one or more of the listed themes, although authors should not feel limited by them. Unlisted but related themes are also invited and welcome. Among the themese identified are as follows:

Campaign & the new media
Civil society
Election and Electoral process
Ethnic politics
Political culture
Voting patterns
Women, Youth and Elections

Participants are also encouraged to submit proposal for a panel that can have three papers related to the panel’s theme.

Keynote address
Former Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is expected to deliver a keynote address.

Abstract Submission: 02 September 2011
Notification of acceptance: 09 September 2011
Full paper submission: 01 October 2011

[ Download Seminar on Sarawak Elections 2011 brochure ]

Who should attend?
Academic & Researchers; Media Practitioners; NGOs & Civil Society; Policy-makers; Politicians; Any interested individuals.

Submission procedure
An abstract of proposed paper should be sent electronically and not exceeding 300 words.

The final paper should be around 20 pages, inclusive of tables / figures where relevant and be typed using Times New Roman with font size 12, double spaced, using APA system and on a A4 paper.

Papers can be written and presented in either Malay or English. Only papers submitted by October 1th will be included in the seminar proceeding / CD.

All papers must be accompanied by a brief one page bio-data of writer or writers.

Registration Fee
Public: RM250.00
Student: RM200.00 (proof of status is required at registeration.

Registration fee includes seminar materials, tea breaks and luncheons.

Accommodation is excluded. All participants are reminded to make their own accommodation arrangement. However transport from hotels to the university in the morning and return to hotels in the evening will be made. Pick-ups are 7.15 a.m from Equatorial and 7.30 a.m from Marriot Putrajaya, IOI and UNITEN. Return trips in the evening is at 5.00 p.m.

All names of participants who settled their registration fees on or before 1 October 2011 shall be listed in the seminar programme.

Any inquiry regarding this seminar, please contact any of the following individual:

Mohd Sabri Md Nor
Tel: 03-8946 7228, Fax: 03-8946 7153, email: [email protected]

Siti Noranizahhafizah Boyman
Tel: 03-8946 7147, Fax: 03-8946 7153, email:[email protected]

Department of Government & Civilization Studies,
Faculty of Human Ecology, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Tel: 03-8946 7092 / 7141, Fax: 03-8946 7153

The seminar is jointly organized by:
National Council of Professors – Politics, Security and International Affairs Cluster;
Department of Government & Civilization Studies, Faculty of Human Ecology, UPM and
Institute of Dr. Mahathir’s Thought, UPM.

[ Download Seminar on Sarawak Elections 2011 brochure ]