Photo: Sony Malaysia

A Malaysian student who suffered broken jaw, being mugged of his PSP got the attention of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) marketing director Alan Duncan.

“We’re like to give him a new PSP and game,” Duncan posted on a Tumblr blog created to help Asyraf – yesterday.

Duncan said he wanted to get in touch with Asyraf personally soon to give him the PSP and the games. It was unknown which type of PSP console that was robbed from Asyraf but Sony Malaysia website indicated the price could start from RM1,099.

Thank to a Tumblr blog called “Let’s Do Something Nice for Ashraf,” created in the aftermath of the incident, which then gained a lot attention and prompted Duncan’s gesture.

Asyraf Hazig who had been in England for over a month is currently recovering in a London hospital and will likely need a metal plate in his jaw following surgery.

UK media reports indicated, the police have identified at least one of the men involved in the mugging, and arrests are said to be forthcoming.

Video showing Asyraf being mugged of his Sony PSP.