Screenshot of a video that show Malaysian policeman asking 'kopi' money from a Singaporean driver.

A policeman was caught on video asking ‘kopi’ money from whole line of Singaporean drivers flag downed after crossing the Causeway.

These drivers apparently were caught for ‘speeding’, tempting them to pay up – a simple way out of a traffic fine.

However the conversation is hardly audible – at one point the policeman even said the amount the driver paid up was not enough, and asked for RM 50 (about $24).

The video time stamp indicated it was recorded early July, 2011 and had attracted hundred of negative comments since it was re-uploaded to Youtube on August 15, by a Malaysian blogger AmenoWorld.

“BOTH´╗┐ are guilty! The sad thing is that it’s a well known fact that our police force is corrupted. I’m not surprise if it’s in the orientation pack for those expats coming to Malaysia to work or in the travel forums! And what is more sad is the he is doing this in the holy month of Ramadhan!,” said Thesmlye.