Todd Green plunges to his death hundred of meters from the ground.

Daredevil Todd Green plunge to his death from about 200ft after tumbling from the wing of a plane on Sunday afternoon at the Selfridge Air Show in Harrison Township, Michigan.

“It’s really tragic,” said Kyle Franklin, 31, a lifelong friend of Green who was among the 75,000 people watching the freak accident on Sunday at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.

Green was balancing on a wing of a plane, trying to grab a helicopter’s skid.

The helicopter circled the plane twice for Green to attempt to latch on, but he fell on the third try, witnesses said.

Moments after an announcer took note of the wind, Green fell from a wing when he was unable to clutch onto the helicopter as part of a trick he had been doing for years.

The National Weather Service in White Lake Township said winds in the area around the time of the incident were westward at 24km/h.

It was unclear on Sunday if the wind was a factor in the accident.

Selfridge Air National Guard Base, which hosted the show, is working with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the tragedy.

Mr Green is survived by his wife Dawn, son Tyler and stepson Derrick.