Quang Chin Weng Seng and his wife Thi Quang

Many lonely Asian men desperate to find their way out of loneliness often fall for “bride for sale” services offered by the mushrooming match-making agency hoping to cash in on the phenomenon.

The hope of a blissful marriage life after such arrangement could become a nightmare.

A 61-year-old taxi driver from Kuala Lumpur learned it first hand. Chin Weng Seng almost had his ear bitten off as result of repeated advances for sex.

Chin Weng Seng who had paid RM18,000 to match-making for his wife brought up the case to MCA complaint bureau.

Thi Quang who were running away after the incident to her relative in Ipoh was forced to reconcile back with her husband following the publicity in the newspaper.

They kiss and make up today. However, it was only a temporary arrangement as Le Thi Quang will be returning home to Hanoi in a few days.

The couple will divorce if Thi Quang does not return to Chin Weng Seng.