From left, Peter Nansian, Sylvester Entri, Paulus Ngumbang and Rosey Yunus

MIRI: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP), Bekenu division, is disappointed over a decision by its state assemblyman, Rosey Yunus, to join the so-called ‘SPDP Five’ and go against party president Tan Sri William Mawan.

Division chairman Sebastian Janting said they were not consulted by Rosey when she decided to join former secretary-general Datuk Sylvester Entri, senior vice-president Datuk Peter Nansian, vice-president Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe and information chief Paulus Gumbang, to express dissent against Mawan.

He said as far as Bekenu members were concerned, they backed Mawan and hoped Rosey and the rest would solve whatever problems they had with the party president.

He said this at a press conference at the SPDP Bekenu division office in Batu Niah, about 90km from here Sunday.

Janting noted the party provided ample avenues for members to express their grouses.

Despite whatever differences, he expressed gratitude to Rosey, who was recently appointed a state assistant minister, for the excellent work she had done.

He hoped she had her own principles in joining the ‘SPDP Five’ to go against the president, rather than just being mere followers.

“We have heard a lot (of statements) from Datuk Sylvester Entri and Datuk Nansian but so far, we have not heard anything from the rest (Rosey, Paulus and Dr Tiki),” said Janting who became the first divisional leader from north Sarawak to publicly declare support for Mawan.

Last Thursday, 10 SPDP divisions in the state’s central region pledged support to Mawan’s leadership. They included members from Ngemah, Machan, Bukit Assek, Dudong, Bawang Assan, Pelawan, Nangka, Tamin, Meluan and Pakan divisions.

The crisis in SPDP reared its head at the last party elections where the five claimed that Mawan had reneged on his promise to maintain the status quo line-up and made changes to a few appointed posts, including that of secretary-general.

They said they were also unhappy that Mawan had chosen to refer them to the party disciplinary committee, instead of coming up with a reconciliation or unity committee. The committee has issued Entrie with a show-cause letter.

SPDP, one of the Barisan Nasional component parties in Sarawak, lost two of eight seats it contested in the state election last April.

The defeat of deputy president Datuk Peter Nyarok for the Krian seat apparently becoming its biggest casualty in the election.