Dan Wheldon only competed in three IndyCar races in 2011 including his Indy 500 win, but he treasured the year because of time spent with wife Susie and sons Sebastian, right, and Oliver (Tampabay.com).

His name was famous worldwide for his accomplishments in a race car, but the best part of Dan Wheldon was wrapped up inside the walls of this immaculate home.

“He realized he was in a special place in his life,” Tim Ramsberger, general manager of the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg told Tampa Bay.

“Winning the Indianapolis 500 was obviously a big part of that, but it was also because he was so proud and happy to be a husband and a father of two young boys.

“That’s what I remember most. On a stage, holding his son in his arms. That’s what really defined Dan the last few years.”

Dan was only 33 but already seemed to have sped through several lifetimes.

There was the young boy growing up in Emberton, England, racing go-carts with his father and dreaming of a life of checkered flags.

There was the brash young racer making his name on the IndyCar circuit and enjoying all the excesses of fame and fortune.

Replay of the accidents from various camera angles

The accident from Dan Wheldon point of view – onboard camera