Salang and Dr Rais Yatim officiating the launching of 'Kampung Wifi' at Rh. Guntol, Nanga Bekiok, Merurun, Julau Sept. 17 2011.

Over 1,400 villages have been set up to date under the ‘Kampung WiFi’ (KTW) project, says Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Datuk Joseph Salang.

He said the KTW initiative represented an ongoing effort by the government to broaden the use of information technology.

“Over 3,000 WiFi villagers are expected to be set up nationwide by end-2012,” he said at the launch of the ultra-rugged tough mobile phone, Sonim, here yesterday.

Sonim Technologies Inc has appointed BCC Technology Sdn Bhd the sole distributor and importer for Malaysian market.

In turn, BCC has appointed Global Advance System Sdn Bhd to distribute and market Sonim products range in the country.

Earlier, Salang said, over 190 towers had been set up to widen the telecommunication coverage to 97 per cent of the residential areas by the beginning of next year.

He said more would be set up in stages until 2012, where up to 1,000 towers would be set up using funds under the National Broadband Initiative and from industry players.

“At the national level, the communication and multimedia industry has shown impressive growth,” he said.

Salang said the government would monitor the quality of the cellular service to ensure that dropped calls did not exceed five per cent.