A probation Malaysian driving license

Forgetfulness should no longer be an excuse for Malaysia drivers not to renew their license as it will be based on their birthdays.

First mooted in July this year, the move is, in part, intended to help motorists better remember when their licences expire said Transport Minister Datuk Kong Cho Ha.

The new ruling will take will take effect in mid-November.

The Road Transport Department, National Registration Department, Pos Malaysia and eKhidmat services are streamlining the mechanism ahead of its implementation.

Kong said in a statement yesterday that the renewal fee remains at RM20 annually for Class A, B and C, and RM30 for other classes.

The government will bear the cost of extending the expiry date of the licence to align it with the driver’s birthday, in the initial stage of it implementation said Kong.

For example, if your licence expires on Dec 30 and your birthday is on Feb 12, the government will pay for the extension of the licence until the latter date.

However, the government will pay only if the period from the expiry date until your next birthday is less than six months.

“If it is more than six months, the driver will pay half the normal annual licence fee,” Kong said.