The former dictator beg for his life, before mob of rebels shot him in the head.

Colonel Gaddafi was executed by a frenzied mob of rebel fighters after pleading: ‘Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!’

The final humiliation for the man who had so brutally ruled Libya for 42 years came when he was hauled from his hiding place in a sewer.

Shocking video clearly showed the broken 69-year-old tyrant was alive as fighters, waving their guns in the air, threw him on to the bonnet of a jeep.

Libyan television carried video of two drainage pipes, about a metre across, where it said fighters had cornered Gaddafi.

“We found him there,” Busamir said of Gaddafi. “We saw them beating him (Gaddafi) and someone shot him with a 9mm pistol … then they took him away.”

Military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Bani in Tripoli told Al-Jazeera TV that a wounded Gaddafi “tried to resist (revolutionary forces) so they took him down.”

Fathi Bashaga, spokesman for the Misrata military council, whose forces were involved in the battle, said fighters encircled the convoy and exchanged fire. In one vehicle, they found Gaddafi, wounded in the neck, and took him to an ambulance. “What do you want?” Gaddafi asked the approaching revolutionaries, Bashaga said, citing witnesses.

Gaddafi bled to death from his wounds a half-hour later, he said. Fighters said he died in the ambulance en route to Misrata, 200km from Sirte.