Provocative: Pictures of former lingerie model Aline Skaff found by rebels show her in pornographic poses in luxury hotel rooms. It was the family's lavish lifestyle which helped fuel anger in Libya.

Hundred of racy photos have emerged of the wife of one of Muammar Gaddafi’s sons posing in lingerie in luxury hotel rooms during the tyrant’s brutal rule.

In the dozens of photographs, found on a laptop belonging to Gaddafi’s 36-year-old son Hannibal, he and his Lebanese wife Aline Skaff are shown partying on a private jet, on a yacht off the Egyptian coast and in some of the shots are surrounded by alcohol, which is ironically banned in Libya.

The couple are infamous for having provoked diplomatic tensions with Switzerland when they were arrested in 2008 in a luxury hotel in Geneva for allegedly assaulting two former servants.

Click on the photos for the slideshow showing the obscene, luxurious life of Gaddafi son which ordinary Libyan could never have in their lifetime.

Hannibal wife, Aline Skaff is of course also famous for scalding her nanny [ video here ] – see photos here: