Professor Dr Jayum Jawan - Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Human Ecology, UPM and a member of the National Council of Professors.

Should the Prime Minister calls for election any time soon, he has little to worry about Sarawak, according to a political analyst with the National Council of Professors.

Although there are issues facing the coalition in the state of late, they had done little to shake off the grip of Barisan Nasional, said Professor Dr Jayum Jawan.

Party leaders in the state have shown they are fully capable of handling these issues, he said.

However Jayum said, a close scrutiny of the April 16 state election results, indicated a slight adjustment of focus needed to be implemented.

“If I’m a consultant to BN I’d say forget about the five or more Chinese majority urban seats as they already firmly in the grip of Opposition,” said Prof. Jayum who is also a senior professor of Politics and Government at Faculty of Human Ecology, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

When told such political manoeuvre could risk of being interpreted as as racism by certain quarters Prof Jayum said:”A pakatan party has almost total control of the Chinese seats in urban areas around the country and in Sarawak. Are they racist?

“Since politics is a number game and for BN coalition their numbers have always been in the rural constituencies, their focus should be on where these numbers are,” Jayum said.

He went on to argue that addressing issues and strengthening their grip on where these numbers are, is still the key for the BN coaliton to continue winning the state and therefore help to gain the majority needed to form the federal government.

“Barisan should concentrate its resources in rural areas where the bulk of their support are.Improve their standard of living, build roads for them, provide them with electricity, clean water supply and so on, to retain and strengthen their support.

“Resolve the issues of NCR lands and poverty quickly because to the rural Dayaks, Melanaus and Malays these are still major issues that affect them most.

Prof Jayum said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had taken note of these issues and had either solved or was in the process of solving several of the problems.

Among the examples are the abolishment of school fees, giving allocation for more than 100,000 bigger rainwater storage tanks to longhouses, supplying electricity to more rural areas, and building more roads in rural areas.

These were announced during the recent tabling of Budget 2012.

“Now it remains for various implementing government agencies and departments involved to act and make ensure that these projects and assistances reach the peoples.

“Say what you will, but these gestures would directly address the needs of the rural people, many of whom would reciprocate by giving their support to Barisan,” he said.