SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan, center with his party leaders.

The turmoil facing SPDP of late were expected to come because the party was formed from a point of weakened state of Dayak politics according to expert in Dayak politics.

“It was a matter of time when SPDP like another party (he would not named) would break up like SNAP and PBDS before it,” said Professor Dr Jayum Jawan, a professor of Politics and Government at Universiti Putra Malaysia.

Prof Jayum believes, the survival of SPDP and Mawan in the present turmoil depends on the political skill and acumen of the party president.

“Tan Sri Mawan’s wisdom as a party leader is currently being tested as never before.

“He has to be mindful of what happended to SNAP and also PBDS, lest he too be swept away like SNAP and PBDS presidents before him.

However, he said the turmoil, even if the problem drags on till the general elections unlikely to cause the coalition some seats, unless SPDP or SPDP renegades are left out of the state ruling coalition.

“Leader comes and goes. The party will remain. Mawan is only one man – SPDP should be allowed to survive with or without him at the top. But this is for the party grassroots to decide,” he said.

On possible solution to the turmoil, Prof Jayum said: “The state ruling coaliton already has a proven formula to solve this type of crisis”.

“Perhaps, just “plus” them (e.g. BN Plus of the mid 1980s) in the election and decide later what to do with them”.

He also foresees no repeat of SNAP saga – which could lead to SPDP being deregistered in the current turmoil.

Prof Jayum, a Dayak himself, had written several books on Dayak political history, his latest being – “Ethnic Factor in modern politics: Case of Sarawak” – believes SPDP will survive its current turmoil.