Swift and coordinate efforts by the authorities prevented a raging inferno in a shop along Abang Galau road Bintulu today from spread to adjacent blocks.

Bintulu Fire Department despatched two fire engines, with 18 firemen immediately to the scene after receiving a distress call.

“We received call aroun 10.57am from the owner and by 10.59am we already at the scene,” said Bintulu Zone Fire Superintendent Gregory Kurung Suwen.

According to Gregory it could have been worst, had the police, Civil Defence and Rela members didn’t cordone off the area quickly to facilitate fighter fighting the blaze.

Abang Galau road – was packed with traffic during the incident as hundred of people were doing morning shopping at Bintulu Market and Tamu Bintulu – the main markets which was located less than hundred meter away from the burning shop.

When the fire broke out around 10.30, the crowd then grew even larger – as people were curious to know what’s happening.

Police then quickly diverted traffic from Abang Galau road, inevitably causing massive jam along Keppel road for an hour which then become the only road in and out of the area.

It took the 18-firemen, 31 minutes to control the blaze and it was totally put off by 10.45am.

Luckily no one was injured in the incident and losses were estimated to be more than half a million by the owner, said Gregory.

Gregory urged shopowners to ensure their premises safe particularly from fire and store flammable items in a proper storage areas.

According Gregory, the shop which located at level 1 of lot 47, was unoccuppied as it was use to store merchandise – such as glove, raincoats, rubber shoes, stoking and clothes.

Fire Department was still investigating what causing the fire.