Long time, amateur and semi-pro users of Canon EOS double and triple digit DSLR series such 550D, 600D, 60D would be tempted to get hold of this completely new DSLR model range – EOS-1D X.

It a professional level DSLR with an 18.1-megapixel full-frame sensor with a myriad of new features optimised for high speed and low noise at high ISO settings.

Looking at the EOS-1D X specifications, this new EOS sports the new Dual Digic 5+ processor, which offers more advanced image processing at a higher speed,  17- times faster than the older Digic 4 processor!

It advance features, enable the EOS-1D X do a lot more thing than semi-pro DSLR – eg., in the image processsing speed, real-time chromatic aberration correction, in-camera RAW processing and lens distortion correction.

The EOS 1D X can shoot at up to 12-frames-per-second (fps) with full autofocus and metering – ideal for shooting movements and can go up to 14fps if the camera’s mirror is locked up and recording JPEGs only.

The EOS-1D X ISO is among the widest from ISO 100 to ISO 51,200.

Canon claims that noise in images shot at ISO 51,200 on the EOS-1D X are comparable to ISO 12,800 images shot with the EOS-1D Mark IV. Wow! Really?

EOS-1D X autofocus system has also been completely redesigned from its predecessors, EOS-1 series as it now sports a 61-point high-density reticular autofocus system with 41 of those being cross-type AF sensors.

Movie mode – the biggest selling point in almost all new DSLR has also been improved thanks to the Dual Digic 5+ processor.

The EOS-1D X camera is capable of shooting up to 1080p HD video at 29.97fps or at 720p at 59.9fps using the H.264 codec, with SMTPE-compliant time code embedding.

However checking various reviews of the camera online – there is no mention if the EOS-1D X capable of continuous autofocus in movie mode, which still lacking in many DSLR models – except Sony ranges.

But it is common feature in ordinary cheap handycam – which ensure the focus will remain sharp along with the camera movements.

The body is tough – made of a robust weather-sealed magnesium alloy and features a completely new shutter blade design that utilises carbon fibre, which is said to last at least up to 400,000 cycles.

The storage of EOS-1D X is a dual CompactFlash slots and apart from HDMI and USB connectors, it also comes built-in with a standard RJ45 Gigabit LAN port.

The camera is expected to be available at Canon stores / dealership nationwide beginning next year – March 2012.

Canon has yet to make known it pricing in the Malaysia market yet, but in the US the price tag is $6800 or RM21,314!