Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 a popular alternative to iPad that were recently launched by Celcom.

Internet access used to be a luxury to Malaysians a few years ago, but not anymore. The proliferation of Internet-connected devices boosted access and turn it into an essential tool in the daily lives of million Malaysians.

Latest data collected by market research firm Nielsen Malaysia predicted growth for tablet and smartphone market in the country to reach 75%  and 89% respectively by middle of 2012.

Currently only 18% of Malaysian using tablet computer, while those on smartphone at 48% of the digital consumers market.

Nielsen data shows, nearly half of netizens in the country were still relying on laptops and PCs to surf the Internet.

But online dependency have increased substantially as a result of increased in availability of Internet-connected mobile devices – such as tablet and smartphone.

Luca Griseri in Malaysian Digital Consumer Report 2011, said on average Malaysia spend about 5-hours online on their mobile phone, slightly less than on personal computer.

Half of digital consumers (those own Internet ready devices) in the country use the Internet on a daily basis, partly to stay connected with other people.

And more than two-thirds claimed to watch online TV while surfing the net.

Griseri also said Malaysia is on the right path toward becoming a digital economy by 2020.

He added a successful digital transformation however will depend how on efforts to boost infrastructure and network capacity in the country.