Bintulu-Sibu road which was highlighted by Auditor-General's report 2010 as among the poorly maintained roads in Sarawak.

Sarawak roads, particularly stretches between Miri-Bintulu, Bintulu-Sibu and Bakun-Bintulu allocated millions for repair since 2005.

But yet they are still in bad shape – potholes ridden, uneven and dangerous noted latest Auditor-General’s report, which says government had spent a total of RM462.46 million on these roads.

Insufficient periodic allocations and poor maintenance works by contractors hired by the government were among reasons why Sarawak roads were in bad shapes, according to the audit report.

The report specifically tick off few contractors in the state for unsuitable equipment to do repair and maintenance works.

One contractor it said, used a vibrator which did not meet the required specification to tar the road.

The reports also identified several monitoring weaknesses which could have made the thing worst, to inspect the contractors to ensure better quality of works.