Polish Airlines pilot made a dramatic but faultless landing at Warsaw Chopin Airport after the plane landing gear failed to deploy.

A television footage shows there were sparks on the plane belly when the plane touchdown along the airport’s 3.7km long runway.

But it was immediately doused off by firefighters and all 231 people onboard were evacuated without injury.

Flight number LO16 was approaching Warsaw at the end of an eight-hour flight from Newark Liberty International Airport when the captain reported a problem and aborted the landing.

The Polish air force scrambled two F16 fighter jets to make a visual inspection of the plane – a Boeing 767.

Witness video of Polish airline LOT crash landing.

Once they confirmed that the plane landing gear had not deployed, the remaining fuel on board was dumped before a landing attempt was made.

“There was no panic among the passengers,” said Marcin Pirog of LOT, the Polish national airline.

“The cabin crew prepared them for the emergency landing well.”

Footage of the crash landing

Wrona and his co-pilot, Jerzy Szwartz, landed the plane “perfectly,” he said.

“It is the first time a LOT plane had to land without the landing gear out.”

All flights to the Warsaw airport were diverted to airports in Lodz, Gdansk and Krakow while investigators checked out the plane and debriefed the crew.

Wrona and Szwartz and their crew were hailed as heroes by Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski and Sully Sullenberger himself.

Sullenberger said the near-miss brought back memories of his 2009 crash landing on the Hudson River.