US-based Seagate Technology LLC is very bullish about the growth of hard disk drive (HDD) market in Malaysia.

Its senior vice president and managing director (Asia Pacific and Japan sales and marketing), Teh Ban Seng, said Malaysia was one of the emerging markets the company was monitoring closely.

“We expect that it will continue to be growing quite strongly,” he told reporters at the official launch of the company’s latest product, the Seagate GoFlex Satellite.

He said the growth in the country’s HDD market was driven by the increasing shipment of computers as well as the growing consumer market.

“PC (personal computer) shipments in Malaysia are still growing quite strongly. The consumer market is also growing very fast as well,” he said.

Globally, he said, the HDD market was expected to continue growing in the coming years after recording strong growth over the past decade.

The world’s HDD shipment was expected to reach 350 million terrabytes this year and exceed one zettabyte in 2014 compared with only five million terrabytes a decade ago, he said. (One terrabyte = 1,000 gigabytes; one zettabyte = one billion terrabytes).