Ulu Baram community leaders want to see Datuk Jacob Dungau Sagan re-nominated as Baram MP.

Sagan’s personal aide Albert Jalong Kiriew said it was in the best interest of the communities as the International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister had a proven track record in helping them and had performed his duties well.

He said they could not risk being cut off from mainstream developments by aligning themselves with the Opposition.

“The reality in Ulu Baram is different. Unlike those in Miri city, we need government assistance to have tar roads, treated water, electricity supply to our longhouses.”

“The Opposition can only instigate, but has no real intention and means to bring development to these areas.

“It is a ploy that could deprive us of infrastructure development, which Ulu Baram badly needs,” he said.

“We can’t afford to risk it all by voting against Barisan Nasional and Datuk Dungau Sagan.

Echoing Kiriew’s sentiment Penghulu Jalong said: “He has done his best depite the odds and has brought a lot of development to Ulu Baram since becoming our MP.”

He urged his community, the Kenyah in particular, to continue supporting Sagan.

Jalong advised Ulu Baram communities to be patient if the pace of development in their areas left much to be desired.

“He is still guarding the ‘fruit tree’. That’s why we are hoping that he will be re-elected and promoted to a higher office, so he can do even more for us. Perhaps plucking the fruit for us to eat.

Kiriew was representing Sagan in officiating Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Community Outreach programme at Long Moh, upper Baram on the weekend.

The programme was part of the university’s efforts to instill awareness and educate rural communities on the importance of forest conservation.

All 11 headmen along the Baram river from Long Makaba to Lio Matoh and their community leaders were present.