A group of 18 locals alleged that their employer has not paid their contribution to EPF despite a deduction made in their monthly salary.

Spokesman for the group, Juin Nyegang, said they started work in March but were fired on Oct 31 without any termination notice.

“I work as a carpenter at the company civil works site in Samalaju. The rest of my friends were doing some other civil work,” he said after seeking Kidurong assemblyman Chiew Ching Sing’s help on the matter.

Juin said they were paid hourly wages of between RM6 and RM8 and were not issued proper employment agreement letter.

That Seng Construction Sdn Bhd, whose headquarters is in Kuala Lumpur, when contacted said it would pay the workers’ EPF contributions immediately.

Its Sarawak site manager, who wishes to be known only as Liu, said yesterday that the group were actually working for its subcontractor.

A copy of report the group lodged at Bintulu Labour Department on Thursday.

However, when pressed for the name of the subcontractor, he said: “No need lah.”

An official at Bintulu EPF office confirmed that the group were not directly hired by That Seng but another company.

Juin alleged that Liu had repeatedly declined to meet the group to resolve the issue.

“We want amicable solution to resolve this issue as we still want to work in Samalaju,” he said.

Liu denied the allegations.

“In the first place I never fired them. I did nothing wrong. If they are willing to stay at our site, as we can’t provide them transport, they can work anytime,” he said.

Juin said they were claiming their salary for the month of October amounting to RM25,984. Chew hoped the authorities would investigate the case thoroughly.

“This is a second case that I know of happening in Samalaju,” he said, urging contractors to be more responsible.