PEKAN — The Mufti of Pahang Datuk Abdul Rahman Osman said any activity which is opposed to Islam, especially same sex relations, can lead to apostasy.

“Same sex relation is not allowed in Islam because it can lead to the extinction of the human race,” he told reporters here, Wednesday.

He was commenting on the organising of the Seksuality Merdeka 2011 which received wide protests including from religious leaders in the country.

The programme, the fourth since 2008, scheduled for Nov 2 to 13, was not carried out after getting condemnations claiming it strengthened the right of lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transsexuals in the country.

Abdul Rahman said Muslims should avoid supporting such programmers or being involved in unnatural sex acts.

He said all parties including parents need to ensure their children were not involved in matters that could divert their religious faith.