If animal could talk, they would also demand ‘Merdeka Seksualiti’ festival to be held at Toronto Zoo where a pair of gay penguin will be separated for breeding.

“The males will be put in with a specific female so they have the chance to get to know one another, and if they bond, that’s what we’re looking for,” Bill Rapley, the zoo’s executive director of conservation and wildlife, told ABCNews.com.

Buddy, 21, and Pedro, 10, lived in a zoo in Toledo, Ohio, before traveling to Canada to become part of the Toronto Zoo’s first African penguin exhibit in 18 years.

Zookeepers quickly observed courtship and mating behaviors that are typically exhibited only between males and females.

According to the Toronto Star, zookeepers have noticed that although Buddy and Pedro swim and play with the other penguins in their enclosure by day, they pair off and nest together at night as well as exhibit other telltale mating behaviors, such as touching, making braying sounds and defending their territory.

Does this mean that Buddy and Pedro are gay? Not exactly, as the term doesn’t normally apply to animals.

But according to research from the University of California, Berkeley, birds — and other animals, for that matter — are known to form same-sex relationships.

In fact, this isn’t the first time a same-sex penguin romance has caught the public’s attention.

In 2009, two male penguins at New York City’s Central Park Zoo, Roy and Silo, incubated an egg together and ended up raising the chick, Tango.