The International Criminal Police Organization told an International NGOs coalition its can’t arrest Sarawak Chief Minister as no such request has been made by Malaysian authorities.

In a letter to the Swiss Bruno Manser Fund, INTERPOL’s General Secretariat states that “INTERPOL’s assistance may be activated only by the decision of the competent domestic authorities and at the request of the national contact point – National Central Bureau (NCB).

“Should you wish to trigger criminal proceedings against the individuals at stake, you are kindly advised to contact the national police and/or judiciary,” the statement said.

According to INTERPOL’s website, the National Central Bureau for Malaysia is directly under the command of the Inspector General of Police, the head of Malaysia’s 102’000 strong police force.

Last month, the Bruno Manser Fund and sixteen co-signatories called on the Malaysian Attorney General, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and the Inspector General of Police to take immediate police action against Taib and thirteen of his family members.

The NGOs accused them of having a formed of an international criminal organization.

Bruno Manser Fund alleged that the Taib family holds stakes in over 400 companies in 25 countries and offshore jurisdictions with an estimated worth of several billion US dollars of illicit assets.

BMF said Malaysian authorities have yet to acknowledge receipt of the NGO complaint.

Taib himself refused to comment.