A landslide along the Bintulu-Belaga at Jayung mountain on July 2012
Therere you have it. It seems no one cares about the plight of Belaga folks who still depend on Belaga-Bintulu dusty, logging road via the treacherous Jayung mountain now that elections had over.

The road had not been properly maintained since the construction of another access road to this sleepy town from Bakun. The Belaga-Bakun road had reached Belaga but only to the other site of the river as there is no bridge yet being built crossing the Belaga river. via BP:

Locals wailed that the road had been significantly damaged since January this year, and travelling on this stretch had become bone-shaking nightmares. One of the badly-damaged sections is about 8kms from Belaga town. Its conditions deteriorated further the past few days due to incessant rain. Belaga folks go to Bintulu via Bukit Jayung road. There is another road from Bakun, but the bridge has yet to be completed. “If the damaged road is not repaired soon, the lives of people from five longhouses below Belaga town will be affected,” opined a local resident.

These were photos taken between 2010 to late 2012 of Bintulu-Belaga road along the Jayung mountain stretch. Landslide after heavy downpour on Christmas day 2011. A bridge along the Jayung mountain stretch badly damaged but had not been repaired until today. This was how the Jayung mountain road look like in early 2011 This is common sight along the Belaga road. A trailer got stuck in the middle of a bridge that could only handle the weight and width of a car. As the big trailer had made the bridge unusable Belaga folks had to take the risk reroute down steep, unstable terrain under it.