Several hotels and inns in Bintulu had began to use Facebook, albeit reluctantly. They said it is a risky proposition and wary of backlash.

“You don’t want to see photos of your hotel rooms featured in an unflattering way to potentially millions of eyes ball on Facebook after next day check-out. Do you?” said a hotel manager who reluctant to be named.

However he said, it offers unprecedented opportunities as Facebook has more than a billion users. Asked how many customers had posted negative feedback about his hotel on Facebook, he said “none so far”. Perhaps because they always treat every guest as a VVIP, he said. Here are few hotels and inns in Bintulu that have a page in Facebook.

New World Suites : Facebook page

Parkcity Everly hotel : Facebook Page

Raggae Inn: Facebook page

ParkCity Garden Inn : Facebook Page

360Inn : Facebook Page

CT1 Inn : Facebook Page

Venus Inn : Facebook Page

This certainly not the only hotels, inns found in Bintulu. In fact there are inns, guesthouses up since you last visit the town. Here is another list of affordable motels, inns in Bintulu. You can certainly add in to the list by posting it on the comment section below.