People were hopeful thing would improved for the better after Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) took over household waste collection from Trienekens.

But guess what! A week on, photos of overflowing garbage bins that had gone uncollected for days were all over Facebook. The world’s largest social media Facebook were favorite spot to vent such as frustrations, since calls to BDA often gone futile.

Eusuf Updullah of Bintulu MLNG Housing in Kidurong who said his garbage had breed maggots after days uncollected.

“Area MLNG Hsg bila gik , berulat dh,” he captioned a photo of uncollected bins to ‘Aduan Rakyat Bintulu’ Facebook group.

Wira Sejaga of Sungai Plan, one of the densely populated housing estates in Bintulu said bins in the housing areas had not been emptied for days.

“Beberapa hari dah sampah kat area sg plan flat tak dipungut. Apa dah jadi BDA?” he said.

Some even went to the extreme with their angst by torching uncollected bin. What a shame.

BDA had not been very helpful either, as public were still in the dark of it collection schedule.

UpdatedBDA clarified that domestic refuse are collected twice a week from residential premises. Trienekens will collect refuse from commercial areas. Only domestic wastes will be collected excluding garden or commercial wastes. BDA hotlines 086-332277 and 086 337700 or Scavenging Unit at 086-332662 (ext no. 318).