Photo: Flickr / MisterDestroyer

Recently released Auditor-General Report contrasting claimed by former Youth Minister insistent that the multi-million K-pop concert last year was covered by sponsor.

“About the K-pop concert during the Youth Day 2012 celebration that received public attention—it is true this concert was funded by KBS,” Minister Khairy Jamaluddin the new Youth Minister said in a statement on his Facebook page (scroll down for Khairy explanation on the concert), referring to his ministry by its Malay initials.

The Youth and Sports Ministry spent RM1.6 million to bring in three South Korean pop groups – U-Kiss, Teen-Top and Dal Shabet for the National Youth Day celebrations 2012.

The report also found the ministry overspending RM1.11 million on promotion and publicity for the event.

The department reprimanded the ministry for spending RM48,300 on a “working visit” to Institut Kemahiran Belia Negara in Jitra, as well as to Songkhla, Phuket and Krabi in Thailand, for 21 people on the National Youth Day secretariat as well as senior officers.

It was also reported that the ministry spent RM75,966 on a promotional dinner, hi-tea and lodging for journalists at hotels.

The report classified several costs as “very high”, including RM50,000 paid to 50 bloggers and company management, and another RM50,000 for promotion and publicity.

Three bloggers were paid a total of RM7,500 in daily allowance for five days’ of coverage.