Sarawak Chief Minister's son Abu Bekir Mahmud.

Sarawak Chief Minister’s son Abu Bekir Mahmud.

The on-going Syariah court trial between Shahnaz Abdul Majid and Sarawak Chief Minister’s son Abu Bekir Mahmud uneasy truth about the wealth of Taib’s family.

His son reported to own assets worth at least RM1.33 billion locally, including lands holding of 24588, that is slightly larger than the size of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya combined or the water catchement areas Murum dam!

His lands holding are via Titanium Management Sdn Bhd (11,728 hectares), Bella Magic Sdn Bhd (3,960 hectares), Essential Straits Sdn Bhd (5,000 hectares), Log Oak Promotions Sdn Bhd (3900 hectares) and the stake value ranging from RM296.85 million to half a billion.

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