Dry tap.

Water shortages affecting sub-district Sebauh and Pandan since last September unlikely to be resolved soon, at least not end of this month.

This is because the authorities concerned are now in the final process of completing the construction of new pipelines to the district and still waiting for the arrival of a new “booster” for the Sebauh and Pandan district.

Bintulu public Works department (PWD) when contacted, did not say when the works likely to be completed but assured the public it will “soonest possible”.

“We’re sending lorries carrying fresh water to affected communities from time to time,” a PWD engineer who wants to be anonymous as it was not the department official statement said when contacted via a Facebook messaging.

The ad-hoc nature of the department responses to public complaints over the water issue irked lot of users.

A popular Facebook group among Bintuluans ‘Aduan Rakyat Bintulu‘ is the favorite place for them to voice frustrations and angst at the authorities concerned.