Lorry truck on Bakun road. Photo: Samuel Iwat

Issue of logging-trucks using the Bakun-Bintulu road have been highlighted several times in the local and national dailies over the years, with no apparent results.

Former Hulu Rejang MP and Belaga State Assemblyman had made countless pleas for them to stop using the public road- but futile.

Locals are equally amused despite clear danger that these overloaded logging trucks pose to other road users, particularly smaller vehicles, they seem to be enjoying a relative immunity.

Are the relevant authorities giving them special immunity as almost all of these trucks said to have no proper licenses to be on the road.

These logging trucks had directly and directly causing countless accidents and fatalities, one even involving an emergency medical services vehicle in June this year, according CC Ting of Sungai Asap in a letter published by The Star Monday.

“It was clear that these heavily-laden trucks were the main culprits in destroying the Bintulu-Bakun road, which had been patched and repaired many times to no avail.

“A few months ago, everyone was happy to see the start of extensive road repair works on this road, which, in the hopeful words of one of my colleagues, ‘macam ada SOP sikit’” he said.

Ting were amused that after the extensive repair, logging-truck are still plying the road.

He said, if the trucks would stick to their designated logging roads, the waste of public fund and effort repairing road for the people can be avoided.

As it is, the Bintulu-Bakun road is fast becoming another example of attempting damage control without addressing the root cause.