The week-long blockades against the proposed Baram hydroelectric dam by the natives at Ulu Baram begin to show sign of agitating the authorities.

A log block the road leading to the proposed Baram hydrolectric dam site at Long Lama. (photo: Facebook / Caroline Nyurang)

Sarawak police Police Commissioner Datuk Muhammad Osman Sabtu speaking at a press conference after the Monthly Assembly of Sarawak police contingent in Kuching said communities involved in the blockades should stop immediately before legal action being taken against them.

Muhammad Sabtu Osman

According to the police chief the protesting natives can be charged with preventing civil servants carrying out their duties where they can be held at any time, charged in court and jailed.

Sabtu said the Ulu Baram natives – predominantly Kayan and Kenyah – should discuss with the state government to resolve the issues amicably.

“Come to the negotiating table because I believe the state government willing to discuss and find the best solutions to resolve the issue and do not make it into a chaotic situation ,” he said.

Several areas – including the access road at Long Lama, Long Naah and Long Kesseh the proposed Baram dam site have been blocked, surveyors and Sarawak Energy workers collecting rock samples in the areas have all move out.

The state police chief said police could stop the protest at any time, if it continues, without specifically mentioning when such operation will be mounted.

As of Friday, the protesting natives said there were no sign of the authorities will reign-in to stop their blockades.

“As per today there is none police or armed forces around but there is an army plane on last Friday passing by KM15 ( the protest site) which we believe to come and monitor us,” the group said when contacted yesterday.