Many of us many have not known a Northern League compare to say Premier League, La-Liga or Italian’s Series A.

But this relatively unknown league match between Heaton Stannington and Birtley Town made the headlines worldwide for a nasty punch described by Yahoo! Sports as loud as a firecracker. That’s certainly very loud.

Sky Tyne and Wear cameras caught the incident, which all three match officials missed, at a match between Heaton Stannington and Birtley Town in Northern League Division Two.

Birtley’s Mark Brereton lashed out at Heaton’s Paul Blakey causing a crack that could be heard in all parts of the ground.

Brereton immediately walked off the pitch but instead of being sent off the officials allowed him to be substituted as none of them had seen the incident.

Heaton Stannington assistant manager Geoff Walker said: “Their coach apologised on the lad’s behalf but I said if it was one of our lads he wouldn’t kick a ball for us again.

“The officials have come up to us at the end and said they didn’t see it but I think there is plenty here that did see it.”