Fire at Assyakirin commerce square. photo:Nano Kim Soo.

Quick response from Bintulu Fire and Rescue department save a row of shoplots at Assyakirin commerce square.

The blaze believed to have started at the third floor of a restaurant – Impiana Dua – were quickly contained and doused off by two fire engines.

The floor was the restaurant worker’s quarters. All occupants including a mother and child were safe.

It was believed to have been caused by a short circuit at one of the 10-rooms floor.

However, Fire and Rescue Department said they can’t confirmed the actual caused of the fire pending thorough investigation.

Approximate location on Google Maps

photo: Rasheedy Haj Yasheen

Smoke seen coming out of Assyakirin commerce square. Photo:Francis Ngu Hown Hua

Photo: Eusuff Updullah

assyakirin fire

Photo: Mohd Wardi Sahari

Assyakirin fire

Photo: Misszz Emah

photo: momo zylla

Pyan Deftonez

The blaze aftermath. photo: Pyan Deftonez

The blaze aftermath. photo: Pyan Deftonez