bintulu sentral

‘Opening soon’ banting were everywhere at Bintulu Sentral.

The Bintulu Sentral commercial business district located next to Medan Jaya was launched early last year.

Over a year later phase one of the project is nearing 100% completion according to the developer Hock Peng Realty. Second phase of the project already started.

The entire Bintulu Sentral development involved construction of 56 units of 3-storey shop-houses, 16 units of 4-storey shop-houses, 12-storey apartment, 3 & 6 storey corporate office, proposed Promenade Hotel (8-Storey), 8-storey hotel, 5-storey commercial building, proposed shopping mall and a restaurant.

The Promenade Hotel expected to be operating into the third quarter of this year, the earliest or early next year.

These commercial properties price ranges from RM950,000 to RM2.5 million per unit. The retail sector in Bintulu had showed positive growth.

A significant new project, Bintulu Paragon Street, entered the Bintulu market this year.Other major projects that still under construction are Times Square Mall, Commerce Square and Kidurong Gateway, in Kidurong.

bintulu sentral

This will be one of the largest purpose-build restaurant in Bintulu Sentral.

bintulu sentral

Bintulu sentral is shaping up

bintulu promenade hotel

Promenade hotel – one of the landmark in Bintulu Sentral

Bintulu sentral

Among the shops that already in operation at Bintulu Sentral