Lau’s police report lodges at Johor Bahru Selatan police station.

Locals favorite ‘nasi goreng kampung’is considered mildly spicy by many Malaysians compare to Thai’s Tom Yam. But a Singaporean man didn’t think so.

Lau Thiam Huat, 61 went across the causeway on April 30 and around 9pm he must have felt hungry. According to him he stop over at a restaurant – he can’t recall the name.

He ordered ‘nasi goreng kampung’ and a glass of warm water. Lau said the fried rice was too hot and spicy, which made his mouth feel uncomfortable till the next day.

Poor Lau, suspected the cook put too much chilli into the dish, making it extra spicy and decided to make a police report in case there was a need for a medical check-up after eating the fried rice.