Air-conditioning unit is selling like hot cake in Bintulu this month.

Guess what hot consumer goods in Bintulu over last two months? Not Samsung S5 or other smartphones. It’s home appliances – tv set and home cooling system.

TV is selling exceptional well due to the World Cup fever in Rio starting June, while air-conditioner cause by surge in demand for cooling system at home due to the desert-like heat we’re experiencing right now.

At mid-day the reading can be as high as 35.2 Celsius and drop slightly at night.

According to one of the electronic shop owners in Bintulu who declined to be named, air-conditioners were selling like hot ‘fried banana’ since early this month.

He didn’t give us exact figure of how many units, but gauging from the number of contractors he hired – it could be few hundred units monthly the least.

“This month alone I’ve installed more than 100 air-conditioners around town,” said Rudi one of the many air-cond installers contracted by the electronic shop at ParkCity to cope with increasing demand for the home cooling system.

Rudi said his team of four workers could install up to 20 units daily, depending on building type – high-rises a little slower and difficult. According to him they always work till 10.30pm.

While to people like like the electronic shopowner, Rudi and his team it’s a blessing – to vegetable growers and sellers it’s a curse. Many complaints that their vegetables will wither much faster cause by the hot weather.

Rudi busy at work.