A Perodua Viva get stuck underneath a Malaysia Airlines Boeing B737-800 after the car driver forgot to fully engage it handbrake.

The carelessness resulted in unnecessary delay to passengers of Flight MH740/741 as they had to transfer to another aircraft at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport today.

The B737-800 aircraft was scheduled to depart to Yangon (flight MH740) at 10.05am but due to the incident, passengers took off at 10.45am the same day, MAS said in a statement, reports The Star.

The return flight (MH741) has been retimed to depart Yangon at 12.30pm, it said.

The airline said the driver of the vehicle which belongs to a vendor had been immediately reprimanded.

MAS operations director Captain Izham Ismail said their engineers were on site to assess the damage.

“The preliminary assessment showed no immediate risk to the structure of the aircraft. However the grounding of the aircraft was necessary to conduct a thorough check,” he said.
Izham reiterated that the safety of its passengers remained paramount to MAS.

MAS in the statement apologised to all passengers of MH740/741 today for the disruption to their travel plans.