As usual, Facebook is the best place for Bintulu residents to vent their frustration with Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) ineptness in dealing with local waste disposal.

“As promised, my dearest GM BDA, treasure trove uncollected for the past fourteen days (14). Status as at 5.00pm (May 17) Bintulu Tg batu road time,” said Meho Melanau and sarcastically added “The maggots aka ulat have overstayed and now ada janggut sudah & producing perfume. Shall I hand this over to you? please confirm date of acceptance.”

Aduan Rakyat Bintulu Facebook group – a popular group among locals to vent their anger and frustration have been inundated with photos of uncollected garbage.

Here is BDA SM services SMS HOTLINE 013 836 2277 where you can lodge your complaints.

Remain uncollected after two weeks.